Awesome Evolution of the Moon Short Video from NASA

Ever wonder why the moon looks the way it does? Check out this short video from NASA that shows the evolution of our moon.

According to our source, Geekologie, this video was prepared by the good folks at NASA themselves and shows a computer generated account of the history of the moon as we currently understand it. Sorry, no aliens involved, this story is purely scientific.

Apparently scientists suspect that our moon was formed after a planet (yes a planet) slammed into the earth some couple of billion years ago and the left-over debris formed that old rock in the sky.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

It’s pretty interesting to see just how many different things crashed into that old rock, and it kind of gets you thinking about how many things probably crashed into our planet over the billions of years of its lifespan. I think it would be pretty neat if they did a sister video to this one and showed us the history of the earth, though I suspect it would be slightly more complicated, what with life being on this planet and all.

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