New Prometheus Trailer Finally Sheds Some Light on Alien Prequel

The Dark Knight? The Avengers? So far, telling by the trailer, Prometheus, allegedly the prequel to the ‘Alien’ film (and later more) film franchise, looks like the most intriguing movie of the summer. The new, official, full trailer finally giving us a clue or two about what the f&^% is going on just raised the expectations level above the rest.

This is coming from a Batman, big Batman fan. Comic book movies have their limits, even under Christopher Nolan. Ridley Scott has had his share of boring, dull and disappointing films, but Sci-Fi, when he does touch it, seems to be working well for the 74 year old British director, who hasn’t touched the genre since Blade Runner, 30 years ago.

So what do we know? The synopsis tells us this – In the late 21st Century, humankind has discovered hieroglyphs common to each world — including Earth — suggest a common origin to life in the universe. The crew of the spaceship Prometheus is sent on an expedition to as part of a mission to uncover these origins, but soon discover a malevolent entity that threatens humanity’s very existence.

Is it actually the origins of ‘Alien’? Probably, in a way. The trailer, obviously, doesn’t fully reveal us that, leaving us with more than a few questions about what’s going on, but it’s been confirmed, in direct and not-so direct ways. Will we see the creature from the four films starring Ripley? Maybe a glimpse, or maybe some other versions. But there are enough parallels in the trailer to help us draw these conclusions.

Hopefully, this isn’t just a hit, which Scott hasn’t had since American Gangster, but a film that has more than a minor impact on movie goers. It’s been rumored to be scary, as head writer Damon Lindelof said – A fantastic brew of sci-fi existential dread and visceral horror that could indeed scare the living sh** out of you. Lets hope it does that, and more.