Analogue Nt Brings True NES/Famicom Compatibility For A High Price

One console promises perfect NES and Famicom emulation, but it comes with a head-turning cost.

Analog Nt image 1

Retro gaming purists tend to have picky tastes when it comes to the pursuit of their chosen passion. I should know, I’m one of them. But will they pay half-a-grand just to get near perfect NES and Famicom emulation?

I guess that’s for the market to decide with the Analogue Nt, a console out sometime this summer that is designed to play Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom games. Analogue Interactive, the makers of the Analogue Nt, claims on their website that they “created the Analogue Nt to experience this pivotal part of gaming history with the quality and justice it deserves.”

Analog Nt image 2

That must be some dang good quality, because the Analogue Nt is currently on pre-order for $500. Spiffy, futuristic looking as the console may be, but $500 for a machine that only plays NES and Famicom games? That seems really steep. You can comfortably get a PlayStation 4 and a year of PlayStation Plus for that much.

The system does feature the identical hardware used in both vintage consoles, so that might be what’s driving up the asking price. Plus all original peripherals – NES Zappers to the Famicom Disk System – are said to work flawless with the Analogue Nt. For a true NES/Famicom feel, which the Analogue Nt is selling on, I guess I can see appeal, especially for folk who take their retro gaming quite seriously.

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Image Credit: Analogue Nt