Super Android Battery Widget Available From Google Play

Get this really neat battery widget for your Android phone that is a loving tribute to Super Metroid on the SNES.

Super Andoid Battery Image 1

How would you like to dress up your Android-based phone in Super Metroid goodness? Darn tooting, you Scooby-Doo-by do! And thanks to Internet hacker-alias telekinetic, and co-developer T.J. Simmons, those of you who prefer to live dangerously in the free world of Google’s mobile-OS, can do right now.

This pretty spectacular Super Metroid battery widget is free directly from Google Play, but perhaps you would like to kindly opt for the $0.99 version instead? (Pwetty, pwease?!) You see, this cool custom paint-job for you Android phone doesn’t come from a large outfit and what not, but rather two passionate geeks that no doubt love themselves the 1994 hit game for the Super Nintendo.

Amazingly enough, and you’ll like this background bit if tales of “Internet strangers coming together to make awesome geeky things” warms your heart like Valve’s Steam sales, the original basis for this battery app was just a free-time hobby gone overboard created solely by telekinetic and his Android phone.

Super Metroid Inventory Screen

Not that he didn’t want to share. Heavens to Murgatroyd, no! Telekinetic just didn’t have the means, nor the Google Play publishing powers, to make his creation available to users everywhere. That is until T.J. Simmons responded to telekinetic’s Reddit post, and thus, here we are. Super Android Battery widget, GO!

I’ve got to say, that is one pretty nice battery app. I’m especially head-over-nerd-heels in love with the full-skin view, which looks down-right similar to the ‘Inventory Screen’ screen in the original Super Metroid, which usually pops up in-game by a press of a button. Just a fantastic (and cute) Android approximation, really.

Oh, and more reason enough to select that donation version! (Come now, it is only a flippin’ dollar. That’s like toilet paper to Donald Trump – bad image, I know, I know, sorry.)

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