Back To The Future Goes The Lego Way?

Two things that instantly take us back to the 80’s are Back to the Future and Lego. So, we have to wonder: how come no one had combined them until now?


After seeing what the Lego team did with the Star Wars franchise, we know they’re more than capable of handling movie franchises with the care and respect they deserve, so this is pretty exciting. Let’s start from the beginning: the pictures that accompany this story are from a fan made LEGO set submitted Lego Cuusoo.



At Lego Cuusoo, people can vote on fan creations that could eventually become official licensed LEGO products, actual play sets produced by the company. The Back to the Future set is currently amongst the best received yet, and has over 10,000 votes, so it could become a reality pretty soon, at least as an official limited edition run.




Best of lucks to the creator of this set, we’ll seriously have a hard time trying to keep hold of our money if this eventually happens.

Via: GeekTyrant

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