Surviving the Hunger Games Wedding

Some people would say that a wedding and marriage is an adventure in itself, and as such, people should be ready to survive. That’s why a Hunger Games inspired wedding is such a good idea.Hunger-games-wedding-1

This event came to life thanks to the work of Carmen of Carmen Santorelli Photography, and Stacie of Stacie Shea Events. The idea was to recreate some of the aspects of the hugely popular book and movie in a wedding setting. Now the bride is armed with a bow in case the groom says the wrong name, so watch out!



Some of the elements we can recognize include the bow and arrows (obviously), Katniss’ braid, and Peeta’s baked breads and pies. What’s missing, though, is the people dying. Good riddance, we say, that can sort of ruin a wedding.


Check out some behind the scenes from the photo shoot in this video below.

Head over to WhenGeeksWed to see more pictures, and maybe borrow some ideas for your own event. Come on, no one’s watching!

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