Android @ Home Makes Your Home a Little Smarter

There are those days where you wake up late, don’t have time for breakfast, and can’t find the keys.  Not only are you in a rush to jet out the door, but once on your way to wherever, you realize that you forgot to shut off the lights in your bedroom, bathroom, and living room. The day might not get worse, but it can get better with the new unveiling of Android @ Home with Google Tungsten from Google.

Now you can rest easy because Android @ Home contains recourses that will allow developers to create apps that allow a user, like yourself, to control things in your home, such as your lights you left on, some appliances, and possibly even your thermostat, all from your little Android device.

With this announcement from Google, the person that has walked downstairs and half way across the house only to realize they left lights on upstairs will be a little more at ease.  Instead of having to walk all the way back, they can simply tap their little screen and remotely shut them off.

VIDEO LINK (Not sure if you can embed it but Gizmodo has a video and I think it’d fit well here)

Another cool feature is the ability to turn your home into one big media center.  It will be controlled wirelessly—what type of connection has not yet been released—which may also mean you’ll need some new gear for it to work.  Combining it with Google Tungsten, you could quickly be streaming video and audio around your home.

With Android @ Home, you can save a lot of energy and that seems to be a key objective being sought out by Google.  Not only has Google given you the ability to control lights, they’ve released a bulb that will aid in power saving.  The Android-connected LED bulb will connect to a radio that will allow the user to control it using Google’s mobile OS.  The cost of the bulb is going to be in the same market range as other LED bulbs.  But couple this, and the new Android @ Home system, and you’ll never have to be concerned about left on lights and appliances again.  Go ahead, wake up late, rush out the door, and make your day a little better.

But if you like cool home tech then check out the mind remote control and for energy saving see the GreenWave Z-Wave.

Via: Gizmodo / Gigaom