Manage Electricity, Gas and Water Use with GreenWave Z-Wave

Smart homes typically include numerous devices for determining the amount of energy consumed. But what if a single display could be used for viewing electricity, gas and water consumption?

GreenWave Z-Wave

GreenWave Z-Wave is a device that displays in a single place how much electric current, gas and water have been consumed. The product has been designed with the energy conservation in mind. People who are concerned about the amount of energy consumed in their home know this information at all times.

Besides the aforementioned parameters, other things that are displayed include the electricity price depending on the time of the day, as well as the status of the vehicle battery, provided that an electric vehicle is charged using an electric outlet from the smart home.

GreenWave Products

The GreenWave line of products includes much more than the Z-Wave display. First of all, there is a smart gateway that is not only connected to the smart meter, but also to the Internet. Basically, this means that the entire electric network of the home can be controlled from a single place. The power outlets designed by GreenWave incorporate a technology called Device DNA which identifies every device that is connected to the outlet.

The LED light bulbs provided by GreenWave offer a full color spectrum, so people will no longer be annoyed by the light. Besides allowing people to save up to 80 percent in energy costs, these bulbs are also far more comfortable for the eyes than incandescent bulbs.

GreenWave solutions focus on more than just monitoring energy usage. The products designed by this manufacturer encourage energy saving and optimize the way people use water, gas and electricity. In order to benefit to the fullest from these products, smart homes should be ideally connected to renewable energy sources.

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Via: GreenWave Reality