Thought-Wired: Control Your Home Appliances With Your Mind

It’s been a dream to many to control things with their mind.  While some just think it would be a childhood fantasy come true, others … like people that are severely disabled—could truly benefit from such a development. Well, whether it’s just a fantasy or a longed for necessity, a group that calls themselves Thought-Wired is working hard at making it a reality.

The concept, also called the NOUS (Neuro-Operated Utility System), in development uses what’s called a BCI, or brain-computer interface, system that allows the user to control different appliances in what would be a smart home.  These appliances can include the ability to control A/C settings, close and open curtains, make phone calls, and control the lights.  Of course these are just a handful of examples, but it gives you a good idea of the incredible benefits this could have to severely disabled.

Systems that allow the user to control things with a headset, such as eye-tracking technology, to a monitor are nothing new.  Although, what makes this particular concept so valuable is the value itself.  Other systems can cost up in the thousands while the Thought-Wired’s development will only cost 300.  This makes it a cost effective way to put a system in the hands, and minds, of people that truly need it.

Although this concept is cost effective and an impressive way to give control of appliances, the largest competition standing in the way is not only eye-tracking devices, but speech command.  A device such as a smart phone can have the technology to take in speech and control the same features a smart home would have.  The BCI system does have an advantage in that it will allow more to use it such as someone with a speech impediment.  The team is still in the developmental and approval stages of the concept, so your childhood fantasy and necessities may have to wait a little longer.

Another interesting concept is the Blackberry empathy and speaking of controlling devices, take a look at the i-Got-Control universal remote.

Via: Singularity Hub