Telstra Opens World’s First Android Themed Store

Android is certainly the geekiest mobile platform today, and that is precisely why it is so popular among nerds and those who like technology a lot.

However, Android is also fun and not all about dry technology, which is why Androidland has been opened in Australia. Androidland is the world’s first Android-themed store in which you could find all the Android devices like cellphones and tablets are on display. It is in a way a attempt to recreate the Apple Store experience where you could play with Apple devices in real, and do not have to fiddle with dummies.

Androidland also features the unique ‘Spaceship’, after entering which a customer can Androidify himself and fiddle with a giant Google Earth Display and play with a giant Android Smartphone. The store came to being after a deal was reached amongst Australian carrier Telstra, Google and companies that manufacture Android devices like LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and HTC.

Androidland is not a standalone store, but a department within Telstra’s flagship store. However, the uniqueness of the store is so convincing that you almost feel like you have landed in a different world altogether. The store certainly makes for a great shopping experience and could easily convert other platform users into Android fanboys. What’s more, the store is child friendly and comes with areas where children can play, eat cup cakes and fiddle with child friendly devices.

Though Android is a very diverse platform, Telstra has made it possible to check out all that comes under the umbrella of Android in one place, and that too in a fun and safe environment. You could also read about the cool Android Exploded T-shirt, which could be a geeky way of self-expression. The Android-based Printer is yet another device which uses this amazing platform. I just hope similar stores open in other countries too!