Android Based Printer

All the Android users who dreamed of writing their Facebook statuses on real walls can now rejoice. A printer for this task has been invented and all you need to do in order to print text is to attach it to your Android cell phone.

Liat Segal, the designer of this printer, drew inspiration from the old pin printers. Her device is based on a IOIO controller, which was invented by Ytai Ben Tsvi, who also contributed to this project. The controller is connected to the Android device via a USB cable. Basically, the printer is made of 7 markers that can write on any flat surface.

After attaching the printer to the Android cell phone, users have to slide it against a wall. Since this is a very time-consuming thing, users will probably get to appreciate the innovation more than the functionality of the concept. Also, the printed text somehow complements graffiti drawings, provided that the printer gets used on public walls.

The wall printer does more than just printing Facebook statuses. In fact, it is able to print SMS text messages and even GPS coordinates. As soon as the markers make contact to the wall, the accurately timed servo motors start printing the text. All the 7 servo motors are controlled individually by the IOIO board.

In addition to the printer and an Android-powered cell phone, users will also need an Android app. This the link that makes the connection between the phone and the IOIO board. The designer did not reveal any info on how much this printer costs. Also, it is unknown whether this printer will enter mass production or not. Still, it is great to see that more and more Android-related gadgets see the light of the day.

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