Angry Birds Cyborgs

The Angry Birds cast is fascinating the world again, though this time as robots. These robots do not necessarily fling across the room to destroy pigs, but they do put on a good show.

At the Beijing High-Tech International Expo, a group of robots featuring Angry Birds for heads were on display. The Angry Birds were used as heads, completing these robots and potentially putting them into the “Cyborg” category. While these robots were not necessarily meant to be used for any kind of game play, the robots were quite interesting, allowing users to control them using their smart phones. The software that is used to run these robots is said to be out this summer for a various number of uses and will apparently be capable of running on all mobile operating systems, most likely your phones and tablet.

At the Expo, there was also a group of dancing robots capable of dancing completely in sync, as well as perform a variety of stunts, such as a headstand. A very interesting robot was a remote-controlled car that was controlled using a tablet, where tilting in one direction would cause the car to turn/move in that direction. These new innovations are said to hopefully help children better understand “machinery, electrical and electronic appliances and computer science.” It’s amazing to see how new inventions can lead to more great innovation. The fact that developers are able to do seemingly limitless things with tablets and smart devices really shows how much can be accomplished with even just one new invention. Only time will tell, but I feel that our smart phones and Tablets will soon be able to control many, if not all, of the everyday items around us. Check out the full video here to see all of the highlights from the Expo!

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Via: PCWorld