Angry Birds Now Capable of Frustrating You From Your Desktop

Everyone’s favorite birds have now come to Google Chrome’s apps, and it certainly is just as fun as it is on your portable devices. This time, those who were unable to buy it or play it on their mobile devices can enjoy it for free!

For those of you who have never played Angry Birds, it will (arguably) change your life. This game is radically simple, incredibly frustrating at times, and yet so hard to put down. It is a simple puzzle game where one flings the different birds across the screen in order to take out the pig enemies, and hopefully complete each level causing as much destruction as possible. Announced at Google’s I/O conference this past week, Angry Birds is now available on the web thanks to Google.

While the game does not offer anything new to old players, users can enjoy all of the bird flinging fun for free by clicking here, and you can also enjoy some special levels if you are using Google Chrome! Check out the full game, and check out the announcement video from the conference below!

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