Angry Birds Tweeters: Suitably Silly Official Earbuds

Are you one of those Angry Birds fans who just can’t get enough? Well, get a load of this: you can now buy official Angry Birds headphones called Tweeters.

angry birds ear tweeters

Ahh, Angry Birds, where would we be without you? The number one smartphone game of all time is simply everywhere these days. There’s an Angry Birds Cookbook, some incredibly odd Angry Birds Can Art” target=”_blank”>Angry Birds Can Art and even an Angry Birds Activity Park opening in 2012!

angry birds ear plugs phones

According to our source, these earphones are available from Rovio and they come in quite a few varieties. Each of the pairs of headphones is color-coded to match one of the units from Angry Birds, being either one of the birds or pigs, which also happens to be displayed at the end of the ear piece. This way, everyone who sees you walking by can catch a glimpse of an angry bird hanging out in your ear.

It seems like these headphones will be the perfect gift for that Angry Birds fan in your life. Now they’ll be able to plug in their official headphones and play their game without disturbing everyone else around them on the bus or in the library when they should be working.

The headphones come in black, red, blue, green and yellow and they go for under $10 if you pick them up online. Not too bad for a potential stocking stuffer this holiday season, or at least having some fancy ear pieces than are more exciting than the usual white ones we see everywhere.