10 Video Games To Play With Your Girlfriend

Remember the time when being a gamer was synonim with basement-dweller? Oh, how times have changed. Now girlfriends actually put up with us, and in some cases, even join us. So, now that we’re no longer ‘forever alones’, the next step is introducing our girlfriends to games we enjoy, but go beside the point of just being a casual game in your cellphone to an actual experience you can enjoy side by side, just like watching a movie, listening to a record or any other activity. This is Walyou’s 10 Video Games To Play With Your Girlfriend.


Now, keep in mind, if your girlfriend is new to gaming, you have to explain that she will eventually catch up, and that the skill required to play is not something out of this world. Also, be patient of mistakes, but above all, treat her like your girlfriend. She’s not a ‘bro’ or a gamertag on Xbox live at whom you can scream things. If you’re ready for this, try any of the options below and we can almost guarantee a great time.

1- The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64, Gamecube, Virtual Console, Nintendo 3DS)


A lot of girls who are into gaming and in their early or mid 20s started out by playing this gem on the Nintendo 64. The adventure is starred by Link, who this time around does more than just digging up Triforce pieces from temples, and Zelda who, for a change, does more than wait to be saved. The characters are lovable, and the game, simple but deep, with a very balanced difficulty curve that ensures that no one will get frustrated (except in the Water Temple, which still gives us nightmares). The end result is an engaging adventure that shows that games are more than Angry Birds and Bejewled, but not always hand-eye coordination exercises like Call of Duty.

 2- LittleBigPlanet & LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3, PSP)


Platformers are always a great idea, because they adjust to what people first think of when they think of videogames. Still, the gameplay in the LittleBigPlanet series is based around the changes from one level to another and the unique mechanics (seriously, there aren’t almost any levels with the same mechanic behind them), so the experience of the hardcore and casual gamer is pretty much the same. Those countless hours spent on Super Mario Bros 3 during your childhood are not going to change how new and fresh the game feels.

3- Resident Evil 4 (PS2, GameCube, PC, Wii, Xbox, PSN, Xbox Live)

Resident Evil 4

Sure, we could recommend Resident Evil 5, an actual two player game that follows the exact same formula, but this one is still more special: Leon, the protagonist is an absolute dork, and Ashley, the daughter of the president, sort of whinny. Still, the game is so much more charming, the action sequences are more breath-taking, and one can help but actually empathize with the characters. The difficulty can be adjusted to various levels fit for each kind of gamer, and is meant to be a fun challenge for everyone. What’s there not to like?

4- Monkey Island Series (Mainly PC)

Monkey Island Screenshot

Point-and-click adventures are a great place to start for non-gamers, as they don’t really require in-game skill or coordination (for the most part), but actually a creative mind to come up with solutions. The Monkey Island series is also great because the main character is adorable (although an idiot), but the female lead is absolutely kickass and more than a random love interest thrown in for the sake of it, so your girlfriend won’t feel like her whole genre is treated like they’re idiots. Also, these games are as quotable as any classic adventure movie from the 80s. We particularly recommend the first three games (the third one still holds up, while the first two got remade not long ago), but also the episodic series by Telltale, Tales of Monkey Island (featured on the picture). The fourth one, you can skip.

5- New Super Mario Bros Wii (Wii)


The cool thing about this game: you can also bring in a bro or your girlfriend’s annoying younger sister: there’s fun to be had for everyone, up to 4 players at a time. The difficulty curve is just right to feel challenging but never annoying, while the whole having everyone playing together in the same screen is a formula without any flaws. Seriously, when a character hinders another’s progress, you’ll be laughing instead of getting mad. Also, the art is colorful, backgrounds are interesting, and… seriously, who doesn’t like Mario games?

6- Rock Band/Guitar Hero series (Wii, PS3, Xbox 360)


Have fun rocking out with your SO! Games don’t have to be about killing, murdering, or just inane cuddly creatures: the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series reinvented “cool” in the form of a rhythm based game where anyone can jump right in and play their instrument of choice (bass, guitar, vocal or drums) in huge song lists where there is meant to be something for everyone. And even if you’re a hipster, there’s no way anyone could not enjoy playing these over-the-top cheesy songs with a great, addictive mechanic.

7- Portal & Portal 2 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

Portal 2 Screenshot

Here’s another game even non-gamers can’t help but love. Portal is a first-person puzzle game where the main character navigates chambers as a test subject for an AI called GLaDOS. Now, not only the mechanic is pretty damn great (using portals to move around the room), but also the main character and antagonist are female. Valve has always done a great job at not taking the female gamers for idiots and creating good characters, despite their gender. Besides, if the couple playing enjoys the mechanic, a co-op mode is also available so they can keep on playing.

8- Uncharted series (PS3)


The three Uncharted games are some of the best games this generation: they follow adventurer Nathan Drake as he uncovers different forgotten treasures in a game packed with action. The action scenes are cinematic and feel like they’re taken straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, but besides the neat presentation, the characters are so damn charming. Drake is funny, witty, and at times, sorta dorky, but brave and loyal too, while the female leads are interesting, clever, and far removed from the stereotypical “video game gal”. They can hold their ground with a gun, provide insight on the adventure, and feel like real characters, with strong personality traits, and even get to make fun of Drake throughout the game. Seriously, it’s like watching a really fun movie where the player happens to be able to control some of the main character’s actions.

9- Mario Kart Series (Every Nintendo Console From The Last 20 Years)

Mario Kart

This is another game that should appeal to pretty much everyone. It’s a simple racing game starred by Mario and his crew of colorful characters where players fight for power-ups, shoot each other, and try to get first to the end-line. The gameplay is simple (anyone can jump straight it), yet it never gets old, and offers hours of replayability. Still, don’t use the blue shell on your girl, or get ready to sleep on the couch.

10- Final Fantasy X (PS2)


If you are into RPGs, this is the first game you should show your girlfriend. Despite Tidus repeating that this is “[his]  story” throughout the game, the game is about Yuna, the summoner, and her group of guardians. Yuna is a great character, with a heart of gold, who is set to begin a quest to kill a monster called Sin who threatens her land. Throughout the trip, she and her companions experience real growth, realize not everything they thought is as it had been explained, and realize they’re masters of their own destiny. The game even manages to take a couple jabs at organized religion. Sounds cool, huh? If the player just forgets about the sidequests and just plays the game for its story, they’re in for 40-50 hours of great story telling (although with some plot holes) and characters who just want the best for the world they live in, but also have strong, powerful relationships with each other. The thing is, let’s pretend this game doesn’t have a sequel, for it is a disgrace to everything this game stood for.

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