Recycling Meets Retro SciFi: Scraps Repurposed Into a Robot

When we say scrap metal, the first thing that would probably flash across your mind is waste. Scrap metal refers to the leftovers from everyday products such as abandoned vehicle parts and excess construction supplies. Left over materials may not be of much worth to the ordinary citizen, but an artist who goes by the nickname ‘Nemomatic’ has used the very same leftovers to fashion his latest sculpture.The artist has used scrap metal to fashion a robotic sculpture he calls, Homonculus Instructable. Now robots are generally viewed as futuristic machines made up of the latest equipment. Nemomatic puts a spin on the futuristic robot by creating the robot from Victorian material, such as wood.

Homonculus Instructable is a visual delight for first time viewers. By ignoring every cliché there is about how robots should look, the artist has sculpted a refreshing work of art. In fact, the sculpture might remind you about the good old days of wooden television sets.

The retro robotic sculpture has a simplistic body frame. A wooden square and a wooden rectangle, placed one on top of the other, are connected by a conical brass accessory. Two cylindrical wooden pillars attached to the wooden rectangular form the base of the sculpture.

The wooden rectangle has a transparent viewing glass, which displays the intricate work done by the artist. In the background of the rectangle, you can see a series of brass pipes arranged in wave-like pattern. In the foreground, a low voltage bulb inserted in a purple colored canister rotates two brass sticks with its hands. This is probably the attention grabber of the entire sculpture.

As the bulb rotates the two sticks, the hands of the robot, move back and forth. The hands of the robot have finely engrained work on them with a gold colored body tone. Two wooden blocks acts as the shoulders of the sculpture into which the brass handles are plugged in.

The other eye-catching feature of the wooden robot is the design work on the head of the sculpture. Key-holes fixed in a v shape are the eyes; the mouth is fashioned with an oval shaped brass ring for lips and pebble-like white tiles for teeth. Two brass needles form the antennae on the top of the head.

Homonculus Instructable reflects a Steampunk-style of using wood and brass materials to fashion a sculpture. By fashioning a robot from wood and brass, the sculpture is an interesting piece of work.

The wooden robot is definitely a beautiful sculpture! But do you have any idea how would it be to have Robot Servants, Dancing Robot and Kinetic Robot with you?