Angry Birds Star Wars Sequel Coming in September

To make things confusing, Rovio is preparing to launch a sequel to its Star Wars-themed Angry Birds that is actually based on the prequels of this space saga.

Well, it was George Lucas who confused us first by doing releasing the prequels later, but given the magnificent overall story and the great actors who played in all of the six Star Wars episodes, I for one, am willing to turn a blind eye. Rovio is thus following a trend by releasing Angry Birds Star Wars II.

A few days ago, Rovio prompted its fans to stay alert: “Attention, Angry Birds fans! Stay tuned on Monday, July 15th, for big news about a brand new game! We’re talking the biggest character line-up ever, awesome new powers, and maybe even a few surprises! Intrigued? Stay tuned for more news on #July15!”

Angry Birds fans jumped to the conclusion that on that date the sequel would be launched, but they were wrong. However, Rovio kept its promise and brought the world some hot news. While it did not launch the game on that date, it revealed the fact that its developers are actually working on a Angry Birds Star Wars sequel that would be launched on September 19.

When it comes to providing details about this sequel, Rovio are not very talkative. Still, one could easily conclude after glancing at the above poster that it’s the Star Wars prequels the next Angry Birds game deals with. There are feathered projectiles in the shape of Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi and Princess Amidala. Of course, the Dark Side of the force could not be neglected. Hence, in the red corner, there are Darth Sidious, General Grievous and Darth Maul.

On their blog, Rovio stated: “The new game will tackle the prequels, introducing a wide roster of never-before-seen Angry Birds Star Wars characters. The best part? You’ll get to play with over 30 of them! At this point we will not comment on rumors or speculation that Jar Jar Binks will be in the game.”

The poster includes only a few of the important characters featured in the Star Wars prequels, so it’s safe to assume that Jar Jar Binks will also be among the playable characters, to the delight of children. After all, no sane adult would have liked that character, right? Well, maybe just a bit… Okay, okay, I admit I loved that wacky creature as much as any other Star Wars fan.

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