10 Funny Angry Birds Spoofs

Unless you are living under a prehistoric rock, chances are that you would be familiar with the certain flock of birds that are achieving notoriety for their anger issues. Yes folks, we are talking about the phenomenon that is Angry Birds, and to say that it has taken the gaming world by storm would be an understatement.

The birds unwarranted anger may be a debatable issue, as egg-stealing pigs can be quite irksome, but committing Hara-Kiri over it? Talk about over-achieving.

Gaming developer Rovio is certainly not complaining and the fact that the franchise achieves 200 million minutes of playtime every day, is proof that the birds have pretty much taken over our virtual existence. Which then brings us to the old adage “Thou shalt spoof the absurd and the popular” (okay I just made that up). Given the game is a resounding success, clearly the birds were not just made for killing fat greedy pigs but also to laugh at. So listed below are ten of the funniest Angry Birds videos out there and do let us know your absolute favorite in the comment section.

Angry Birds Friendship

Crushing On Seal It is not just Heidi Klum or the entire female population that finds Seal appealing. The birds and the pigs also exhibit their discerning musical taste in this video by Dorkly. Never ever underestimate the power of a “Kiss from the rose” folks.

Angry Birds Peace Treaty

Hell will freeze over before the birds, and the pigs will ever reach a compromise. But, that doesn’t mean peace-loving folks cannot dream of such a momentum occasion. The video below imagines the unimaginable and depicts the historic moment of the two enemies trying to sign a peace treaty.

Adele Parody ft. Angry Birds

Adele + Angry Birds = Sheer Win. The video is a hilarious take on the addictive nature of the game, and Adele’s doppelganger is just plain brilliant.

Angry Birds: The Movie by Rooster Teeth

Find the wait for the Angry Bird movie excruciating? Then maybe the fan-made trailer will make it easier playing the waiting game. It has all the ingredients of a blockbuster; action, romance, and a villain like the battle-scarred Col. Miles Quaritch.

Three Big Pigs

An Angry Bird parody that explains the rather complicated political crises of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. Highlight of the video? The use of the Mighty Eagle (oh the political connotations) to kill Gaddafi.

Angry BatBird

There is still some time before the Dark Knight rises. But, no need to fret as the Angry BatBird comes to rescue and takes down mortal enemies like Joker Pig, who is conscientious enough to offer eggs sunny side up or scramble!

Angry Birds Addicts Anonymous

Do you eat, sleep and breathe Angry Birds? Well then are not alone, as there are thousands battling this rather serious addiction. Need proof? Then check out the trials and tribulation of an average American that sought help at the right time.

Angry Birds Real Life

The gameplay can also be replicated in your backyard (I know, the mind boggles) and the video below is a great example of how one should get out more often and maybe try getting a life.

Angry Birds vs. Tiny Wings

Angry (pardon the pun) at the Tiny Wings developers for ripping off your beloved game? Well then there is only one thing I can say to that, “Crush The Castle.”

Angry Birds Meets Samuel L Jackson

“Say What?” I don’t want to say anything else, as hell hath no fury like Samuel L Jackson scorned.