The Animatronic Hulk That Never Came To Be

Does anyone remember the Incredible Hulk movie that came out in 2003? I know you know which one I’m talking about. That one directed by Ang Lee with all the colors and storm cloud fighting. Yes, that Hulk movie. I’ll give you a moment to collect your senses since your mind just went through physical trauma backtracking to the memory of that abomination.

Had enough time to gather your wits? Wonderful. Trust me when I say the pain was well worth it for this bit of news.

Steve Johnson, the special effects engineer behind the leaked costume concepts for the aborted Superman Lives project, has taken it into his own hands to create a YouTube channel with thousands of hours of behind-the-scenes footage spanning across his 30-year career.  Hidden amongst this plethora of footage is a never before seen, ridiculously ahead of its time animatronic of the Hulk. Yes, the Hulk for that same disgrace of a movie was supposed to be a robot, but was instead replace with a CGI vomit fest.

While the Hulk being a robot wouldn’t have saved the 2003 disaster, the work put behind this advanced machine is astounding. The video shows a human sized arm exploding into a gigantic green goliath that could only belong the rampaging giant. Aside from the transformation, we also get the treat of seeing the actual animatronic itself in action. The hand opens and closes as fluidly as any person with a functional hand could demonstrate.

The work on this project was scrapped when director Ang Lee decided he wanted to go down the CGI route. While we never got to see this completed monster in action, special FX fans will find these behind the scenes clips especially exciting as it goes through years of a career in the field.

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Source: ComicsAlliance