Munny Link Defeats Evil While Remaining Adorable

Which Link do you prefer to save Hyrule?  Do you like older, more mature, Twilight Princess Link?  Or perhaps you have a soft spot for the stout and square, old-skool original Legend of Zelda Link?  But if you’re one of us who favor Wind Waker’s beloved, yet controversial, “Toon Link,” then here is some terrific fan service just for you.

Here we have a Munny Link created by one of Toon Link’s loyal fan base, the artist Sydnee Davidson. The attention to detail here is astounding.  This Link looks like he’s about to hop into the King of Red Lions and rescue Tetra with the Blade of Evil’s Bane.  Toon Link may appear the most innocent and child-like of all the Links, but those of us who have finished Wind Waker know that this little guy can really tear down any Moblin, out-maneuver any Dark Nut, and slay the evil Ganondorf with a downward thrust to the face.

It looks like Munny Link here was made from the original blank Munny doll figure, some cloth and plastic parts, and an incredible eye for detail.  Check out the articulation on that shield.  It looks like it could deflect an attack from an Octorok with ease.

Toon Link here was made from a “Munny” doll, a kind of blank-slate doll made by Kidrobot to be decorated and transformed into whatever your imagination can fathom.  Sydnee Davidson noticed the obvious similarities of the Munny blank figure and Toon Link and crafted this video game character.  We don’t know how long it took, but we can guess it took less time than it takes to sail all the way across the sea in Wind Waker.  Nice job, Sydnee – I award you the Triforce of Awesome.

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