9 Types of People You Don’t Want to Sit Next-to on a Plane

We’ve all been there, we are just about to take our seat on the plane hoping that next to us will sit a decent person. But luck is not always on our side – and sometimes we can find ourselves sitting next to some types that, if we had a choice, we would sit on the other side of the plane.

If you are wondering what one can do about it, I think that the answer is clear.. nothing! But quoting  the mighty G.I. Joe “Knowing is half the battle” 🙂 . Here are some types you wish hadn’t sat next to you on the plane.

1. The Napper

Yes! Dude, I don’t know you, so please stop spooning me! I don’t care if you are tired, it’s still no excuses to consider me as a head rest or a pillow.

2.The Cougher

I personally hate this type, recently I had a big encounter with one. I was on my way to Costa Rica from NYC, about 5 hours of flight, and next to me sat the “Cougher’. The big problem about these types is that you don’t know the reason for the cough, and the reason is very important! If it’s allergies or a chronic cough, it’s no biggie, but if it’s a cold or the flu, well that just sucks since most chances are that you are going to catch it too, damn.

3. The Space Invader Type

Yes, we all saw you in one of our flights. You just think that the plane is your dad’s or something and that we are all here for your amusement. News flash! We are NOT!

4.The Smelly

If you could afford this flight you can afford to take a shower before. Oh, and use some deodorant, while you’re at it… Lets just hope that you’re on a short flight this time.

5. The Stretcher

You are not alone on the plane, people do sit behind you, so please be considerate. Just because your seat magically bends backwards like hell doesn’t mean you should use its full range.

 6. The Must Pee Every-5-Minutes

As a frequent flyer I know if it’s a long flight you better book the aisle, But! the one big disadvantage of this seat is, yes, the people who sit inside and ask every 5 minutes to get up…. Man! If you know that you’re that kind of type, do us all a favor and book the aisle seat next time!

7.The Talker

Some people think that a plane is a pickup bar or a new place to meet people. So guess what, I have news for you, it’s not! Don’t get me wrong, you can say hi, and even tell your name and what you do but after 10 min its time to be quiet.

8. The One With The Crying Baby

This is purely a Murphy’s law. Sure, babies cry and, yes, we know the parents are not to blame for it, but it seems that this type only happens on long and night flights, right? And once the baby starts its “singing”, you can’t see the end… you might need to pack earplugs if you’re planing to fly soon.

9. iPad Owner That Doesn’t Have Headphones Set

You’ve spent $500 on an iPad, you can’t afford some headphone to go with!? This is so annoying. You are trying to go to sleep, never mind that falling asleep on a plane with zero interruptions is a hard task by itself, and annoying game noises or a movie soundtracks will not let it happen! And putting the volume on 2 tabs is not like using headphones, so buy headphones or just mute it!

How many of these “delightful” type you had the chance to meet? Let us know if the comment section below.