Triceratops Tractor Takes You On a Wild Ride

Modding cars in unique ways or building uncommonly designed vehicles from scratch is certainly a way of stepping out of anonymity, as the following triceratops tractor proves.

As a child, I had a mild (who am I kidding?!) obsession for dinosaurs and coincidence or not, the triceratops was among my favorites. Seeing one of my childhood “heroes” turned into a tractor really made my heart skip a beat.

The triceratops tractor is the work of Alex ‘Wreckage’ Wright for the Mutoid Waste Company, who are famous for founding modern counter culture. The ones living in Shoreditch, London were lucky enough to spot this vehicle in their vicinity. Even though this concept has been created for the Mutoid Waste Company, their website does not feature the triceratops tractor, so I am going to assume that the tractor is very new and they haven’t added it yet to their gallery.

There is not much known about this military designed tractor, except that it is made from metal in its entirety and that it is fully functional. It is not known how its horn sounds like, even though a loud roar would be the most adequate, even though I am not sure as to what the police would say about this. Using animal roars horns is forbidden in some parts of the world, as they might cause panic among the pedestrians. Another assumption I could make is that this unique sculpture runs on fossil fuel (pun intended).

With muscle cars on one side and such distinctive vehicle sculptures on the other side, making a choice is very difficult. However, it is safe to assume that for geeks there isn’t even a choice, they would go for the triceratops tractor without even thinking. The head of the sculpture can move, but it does not spit fire, even though this certainly is among the features some people dream of.

The above video was shot on an Android phone by a couple of people who happened to see the dinosaur tractor on the street. Obviously, it would have been nice if we saw it on the move, but judging by the second picture the tractor can be used accordingly. I guess this unique vehicle sculpture could put the “Pimp My Ride” TV show to shame, as it proves that wheels do not require expensive accessories to stand out, especially in the eyes of geeks.

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