Anti-Texting Glass Spills Beer on Phones When Temptation Strikes

Don’t cry over the spilled beer! Unless your iPhone was under the glass and it’s ruined now. Well, that should teach you lesson! Leave your smartphone in your pocket when joining your friends at a bar.

Advertising agency Fischer&Friends came up with an interesting concept for the Salve Jorge Bar in Brazil. The Offline Glass is meant to keep people interacting exclusively face to face while at a bar. More precisely, this unusually designed drinking glass only sits upright only when placed on an iPhone. The idea is great, but there might be some downsides to it.

Art Director Mauricio Perussi claims that “We do not intend to (actually) solve the problem. The Offline Glass is just a funny way to annoy friends who only have eyes for their cellphones.” Well, he’s right, but The Offline Glass is a bit of a radical solution. After all, emergencies might occur, and no one wants to damage their smartphone when that happens. Besides, people might not have a problem at the first glass of beer, but after the fourth or fifth, can anyone guarantee they’ll be able to place the glass correctly on the smartphone? That’s something to think about.

Some people are concerned about the fact that the drinking glass might sweat all over the iPhone. Probably the owners of the bar thought that every iPhone user out there has some sort of waterproof screen protector that keeps their smartphone from damaging when in contact with liquids. I must admit, such offline glasses would work better with the likes of Sony Xperia Z which handles water and dirt pretty well.

You might think I have a drinking problem considering the number of alcohol-related posts I’ve written recently (see here and here). However, I must assure you that… hic! that is not the case. Should you enter a bar were such glasses are used for serving beer, I suggest asking for a couple of coasters. Those should successfully replace the iPhone. I’m not saying that you should spend the whole time on the phone, as that’s a bit rude.


On YouTube, Samsung users displayed their discontent towards the fact that only iPhones are used in the commercial. Given the different slimness of different smartphones, probably other devices wouldn’t work as well. However, I must admit that this sounds a bit like discrimination. I wonder if Apple was involved in any way in this campaign.

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