Newest Tokyoflash Wristwatch Doubles as a Breathalyzer

If Tokyoflash is known for one thing, it’s the sometimes difficult to read, yet incredibly functional geeky wristwatches. This also seems to be the case with Kisai Intoxicated, which tells the time and the blood alcohol concentration.

Of course, there are plenty of breathalysers out there, in different shapes and sizes. Heck, if you don’t have one at hand, the Police would be more than glad to help you find out your BAC. Joke aside, don’t drink and drive! At least that’s what this elegant time piece is supposed to remind you. Kisai Intoxicated shows the time and the date, but it also comes with an alarm and a sobriety game. The first three features are displayed as negative spaces on an LED display.

The sobriety game features a line that moves rapidly left and right. The purpose of the game is to hit a button when the line is dead center. In fewer words, the further it is from the center, the drunker you are.

To access the breathalyser, you would have to push a button and unscrew the cap covering the sensor. When the countdown finishes, you should blow air on the sensor. Your blood alcohol concentration is then shown on the display of the watch.

This wristwatch is also very easy to recharge, since it does this via USB. Upon fully charging the battery, people should get up to one month of normal use. I guess that depends on the number of times the breathalyser is used, but the wristwatch’s other functions will also influence the overall standby time.

Kisai Intoxicated can be pre-ordered for $149 on the Tokyoflash website. If you think it’s expensive, try to remember what happens to people who are caught drunk behind the wheel. Maybe this timepiece is not 100% accurate, but it should give people an idea about how much they drank and whether it would be wise to drive.

It’s about time we had a watch that would tell people “Go home, you’re drunk!” so thank you for that, Tokyoflash! And what better way to test it than on a Scotsman? It’s a bit of a dispute whether the Scots are better than the Irish at this rough sport called drinking, but they’re not that far apart from each other, so Tokyoflash made the correct choice. Check out the following video to see how Kisai Intoxicated works:


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