This Is The Gift You’re Looking For: R2-D2 Etched Glass

If you’re shopping for a Star Wars fan who likes to sip whiskey, then this drinking glass is definitely the gift you’re looking for.

The glass, made by the Japanese firm Kotobukiya, features the iconic design of R2-D2. It can be yours for $50, Or at least it could. The design has completely sold out.

R2-D2 Etched glass front

And this isn’t some cheap generic print, either. The 10 oz. glass has been etched using a process called Kiriko, a process that dates back to 1824, when Tokyo was still called Edo. The process uses emery powder to create patterns into glass. Although they use some modern tools to etch the glass, the company says the process is still pretty much unchanged as it was in the old days. “Kotobukiya has taken the Kiriko technique and blasted it to Tatooine,” they product page says.

R2-D2 etched glass back

Although it’s going to be hard to get one, unless you have a wad of cash stuffed under your mattress and you get lucky on eBay. “You can easily feel the deep engravings when holding the two-toned frosted texture glass in your hands!” they add. You’ll just have to take their word for it, but judging from the photos alone the craftsmanship is pretty impressive.

It looks like George Lucas, whatever his questionable decisions (special editions, “Howard the Duck,” anyone?) had a great idea retaining the merchandise rights to “Star Wars,” when such a thing was virtually unheard of. First, it made him a lot of money, since his film turned out to be huge success. It also allowed people to show off their creativity bringing artifacts from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away into our time and place. Of course, merchandising can be ridiculous, but occasionally people come up with some brilliant gems like this one. Bottoms up, “Star Wars” fans!

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