Protect Your Network Security with Anti Wi-Fi Wallpaper

Pesky neighbors taking advantage of your wireless internet again? Sometimes even the strongest of passwords won’t help. But now there is a new anti Wi-Fi wallpaper that will stop them from stealing your internets.

Most likely your neighbors already know your password to get onto your Wi-Fi network. (Trust me QWER1234 is not as hard to guess as one might think.) It is only when the MPAA comes banging on your door that you will realize neighbors are pirating movies, music, and software via your Wi-Fi network. Rather than let this happen, take some time to do a little bit of home redecorating with a wallpaper that will actually protect the network security of your Wi-Fi connection.

Researchers at the Grenoble Institut Polytechnique in France along with a Finnish materials company are now looking to introduce to the public affordable wallpaper that can actually block out Wi-Fi signals. Known as Metapaper, it is said to enter into the market sometime in 2013. It will bock out Wi-Fi signals in the 2.45 – 5.5 GHz range but still allow FM radio, television, as well as mobile phone signals to pass right through the surface. This wallpaper can be applied to a number of surfaces, including plaster, brick, and concrete.

This wallpaper will cost around the same amount as midrange traditional wallpaper. And if you are not fond of the design, it can be covered by another layer of wallpaper or even house paint.

However, before running to the store, keep this in mind – first you will have to wallpaper your ceilings and your floors, which might look a bit weird. Second of all, if your home has windows, you may be a bit out of luck. I do not suggest wallpapering your windows, although there are rumors that if this works, a more transparent version will be developed for use with windows. While protecting network security is important, this sounds a bit overkill.

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