20 Cool Lego Items for the Ultimate Lego Home

When I was young (aka when my imagination was still vivid and Lego was still the only thing I need to be happy), I used to dream of living in a house made of Lego pieces. Things didn’t turn out very well as all pieces of furniture I made from Legos either broke down when I tried to sit on them or I hurt myself in the process. Thus, there is no need to explain how excited I was when I learned that a Lego home is quite possible. Here are 20 home items that will turn your house into a Lego heaven.

Lego Conference Room Table


If you are tired of conferences with all the heated discussions and boring talks, this awesome Lego conference room table will cheer you up. It was created by designers at Abgc out of 22,742 lego pieces, put together with the traditional Lego construction techniques.

LunaBlocks Table


Via: Dvice

Thierry Nahon and Philippe Landecker of Lunatic Construction came up with a simple yet cool idea for a Lego themed table. Pick some giant colorful Lego bricks, stack them together then add a pane of glass or a pillow on top and you’ve got fully functional furniture.

Lego Desk


Via: Eric Harshbarger

The Lego desk is not just any piece of furniture, but rather a Lego masterpiece built out of 35,000 Lego bricks and a whooping 7 pounds of glue. It features 7 working drawers consisting of six small ones and one large one, together with a folding lid on top that conceals a hole for computer cables to drop through.

Lego Schou Table


Via: Sean Kenney

When Sean Kenney was commissioned by Schou – a Dannish company to build Lego sculptures of furniture pieces designed by the company, he did an extremely good job with this amazing Lego table. Built out of 11,000 Lego pieces, the Lego table measures 4 feet long and is half size of a real table.

Lego Toaster and Alarm Clock



Inspired by the favorite childhood game, Jamyle Savaris’s extremely trendy and colorful toaster and alarm clock designs resemble Lego creations. Unfortunately, they are still in concept stage, but every geek has the right to hope for the day the designs will see the light of production.

Lego Brick Radiator


Called the Brick, Marco Baxadonne’s radiator decorated by Lego Bricks can warm up your house and your heart at the same time. Significantly different from the normal depressing radiator designs, the Brick’s cheerful colors will bring a smile on your face every time you look at it.

Lego Ceramic Set


Vinicius Zarpelon, apparently a crazy Lego fan and a master chef, has come up with a beautiful Lego inspired ceramic set. More than just a display item, this colorful ceramic set can be used to cook and serve food as well.

Snack & Stack Utensils


Via: Perpetual Kid

With the handles similar to Lego bricks, Snack and Stack is super fun utensils that will fascinate both kids and adults. The come in a set of three with one spoon, one spork, and one knife.

Lego Kitchen Crafts




Via: Evil Mad Scientist

The kitchen gives us food, drinks and everything we need to satisfy our greedy stomach. Thus, it’s our responsibility to take care of our kitchen proper. These wonderful Lego kitchen crafts, including Lego candy dishes, Lego napkin holder, Lego flower vase, etc. will keep our kitchen happy.

Lego Safe


Using Lego Mindstorms, some geeks have created this wonderful Lego safe to keep things hidden and locked behind a 5 digit code. The Operational Safe, as it is called, weighs 14 pounds and has a motion detector on it in case somebody wants to move it anywhere. There is nothing to complain about the safe, just hope that the Lego bricks will not crumble down.

Lego Storage


Via: Oh Gizmo

An impressive 28cm high x 24cm Lego piece is an interesting visual twist to your home decoration and can be used for storage as well. Like the regular sized versions, those huge Lego pieces can be stacked and assembled into gigantic creations.

Lego LED Lamp


Made from Lego, Lego LED lamps are beautiful DIY lamps that can be built in any color combination you wish. Each lamp is powered by two AAA batteries and costs only $12. It also features a photo frame stand on top so that you can light up your best memory.

Lego Lamp


Via: Technabob

Designed by 25togo from Taiwan, the LED illuminated acrylic block lamp looks just like a giant Lego brick. The design features a snap-off top layer that can be used to hold pens, pencils and other office items.

Lego Bluetooth Printer


This Lego powered Bluetooth printer is not a kid’s random creation, but a product of a highly practical and creative mind. It can actually work which means you can place it proudly in your office or your room to print out papers. Let’s hope that one day, it can print out Lego bricks too.

Lego Scanner


There is Lego printer and now there is Lego scanner to complete the gadget set for your working desk. The Lego scanner can also work smoothly as a normal one. Andres, the creator of this DIY project has provided a full tutorial, images, and instructions so that everyone can make one for themselves.

Lego PC Case


There seems to be no end to PC case mods, but the Lego PC case is certainly one of the most interesting and geekiest mods you have ever seen. The case encloses a VIA Epia PD Mobo 1Ghz, Nvidia 6200 PCI Graphics, Laptop 80 Gig 7200Rpm Hdd, Laptop DVD, 1 GB Geil DDR memory, 200 watt PS and other decent hardwares. It also comes with 4 attached wheels to enhance mobility.

Lego Grandfather Clock


Via: Eric Harshbarger

It took Eric Harshbarger a month to build this seven foot tall grandfather clock out of LEGO bricks, and the result is totally worth it. Everything is Lego: the gears, the axles, the pendulum, the escapement gear, etc. The only non-LEGO elements are the weights and the mono-filament line holding the weights.

Bonus! The Ultimate Lego Kitchen

Designers have been seeking new ways to apply different methods of expression. Nowadays, we can see designers try new things from molding shapes to become sleeker, to using new kinds of textures on furniture. Black granite counter tops, marble floors, and many other ideas have been recognized in the kitchen, but all this often lacks a vibrant feel. Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti decided to try incorporating color into the kitchen. See more pics here, “Amazing LEGO Inspired Kitchen Blends Nostalgia with Beauty.”