What Your Fridge Would Look Like if Apple Designed It

Whether you’re on the Mac party bus or the Windows; I think you’ll agree that these futuristic renderings of everyday appliances look pretty slick.

Artist Justin Wagoner wondered what exactly household appliances would look like if they were developed with the iOS7 in mind. According to PSFK, Wagoner included features such as frosted overlays, thin typeface, and clean graphics. And I have to say, no matter what you think of this latest iOS, the end results are pretty damn great.



There’s a certain level of retroism to these images that I find appealing. I almost feel like this is what futuristic appliances would look like in a 1970’s science fiction. And given that the majority of household appliances are fairly basic in design, it’s no surprise that the Apple OS would fit right in.



In fact, if Apple decided to start designing appliances, I might actually consider buying them. I’m not afraid to admit that I will buy something for its aesthetic nature. And I’m completely digging the look. That coffee maker looks like it belongs in a spaceship. I think the real question is, if I buy a fridge by Apple, will I have to buy a new fridge (Mac Cool 2S Pro) next year?


In all seriousness though, Wagoner did a fantastic job. You can check out more of his work at Agency San Diego.

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