Apple HD Television Sets Coming This Fall?

If new rumors are to be believed, Apple is getting set to release a new kind of HD television that one Apple source says would “blow Netflix and all those other guys away”

We all know that HD television, along with streaming video has long been something that most homes are loving right now.  The ability to watch movies and television shows you don’t currently have sitting on your shelf in sparkling high definition is incredibly popular for obvious reasons.  Of course the ability to watch the same program you are watching on any HD television in the house is also a big plus.  Still, if the rumors are true, Apple is yet again going to revolutionize the home entertainment business.

According to reports, this new Apple HD television will actually put the best parts of the Apple TV device that can be connected to televisions now, with iTunes as well as crystal clear televisions. Instead of having a device that sits on the outside of the television and is connected to the TV, the new Apple Television will supposedly have all the technology built into them.   According to the inside sources, Apple will be partnering with a big time existing television producer, though they weren’t able to say who that might be.  Another little tidbit is that apparently there is a chance that the Apple HD television will be operating with some form of iOS as its base.

While rumors of this kind of television have been floating around for a coupe of years, there seems to be a chance that this particular time they are actually true as sources as claiming that they may be out as soon as this fall with Apple looking to take advantage of the holiday shopping season.  Of course Apple has also been known to hold back some of their bigger projects in order to get those products just right, so if there really is such a TV we may not actually see it until early 2012.  One more piece of good news is that apparently the supposed iOS based television would be able to support 3rd party apps, making it as useful as the other iOS devices.