Motorola HD-DTA to Deliver House-wide HDTV

Motorola’s new High Definition Digital Terminal Adapter(HD-DTA) device will be able to provide wireless HDTV to an entire household of basic cable subscribers.

motorola hd device

The small black box acts as an alternative to the bulky and expensive set-top devices that cable providers currently offer customers.

According to sources, instead of having to resort to converting the basic cable signal on a one-to-one basis with household devices, the HD-DTA acts as an adapter which connects directly to the cable outlet and converts the signal to high definition before it reaches televisions. This way one device can be used to provide high definition cable to every single television in a household.

The device comes with a digital tuner and HMDI outputs. Thanks to RF outputs, the device ran rest in any room of the house and be controlled via a long range remote.

motorola hd dta display

Motorola hopes that this device will be embraced by both consumers and cable providers as a cost efficient solution to the currently pricey alternatives. Consumers will be able to save on their HD cable signals, and possibly encourage a wider audience to embrace HD over standard digital. Providers will also be able to cut back on costs, and no longer have to provide set-top boxes to every household.

The Motorola HD-DTA device will be available at some point during Fall 2011 and it certainly looks like it will be more useful than the keyboard peripheral they announced for home televisions last year.