Apple Hires Tag Heuer’s VP of Sales, Is the iWatch On the Way?

As rumours surrounding Apple’s iWatch device heat up, the company makes an interesting hire suggesting that the gadget is on the way.

Tag Heuer Patrick Pruniaux

Have you heard about the rumoured iWatch; Apple’s wearable device that’s said to have a fitness focus to keep you updated of notifications on your smartphone as well as giving you feedback about your health? Well plenty of us certainly have and Apple obviously have too, but they’ve kept completely schtum on the speculation with nary a statement offered to the media from the Cupertino, Calif. based company. They don’t really need to say or do anything for suggestions to continue, though the electronics company have now tempered the flames of the fire like a hosepipe of gasoline by hiring Patrick Pruniaux who was the VP of Sales at watch brand Tag Heuer.

The reason Pruniaux’s hiring is key is because he’s not a brainy engineer, or a man with a plan of what the iWatch’s features could be once the device comes to market but rather, he is the guy who can help Apple figure out which of the iWatch’s features will help it shift the most units. Pruniaux’s job will be to get the dang thing on our arms and make it seem like a must have item.

What Pruniaux’s hire also means is that the iWatch is perhaps quite far into development (if Apple are looking at how to sell the thing anyway) and that they need a way to one up other smartwatch offerings with Microsoft rumoured to be working on a professional wrist device too and even Google has released a form of their Android operating system specially for wearable devices. That all points to the iWatch being released later this year (after a reveal in September alongside the iPhone 6) while Pruniaux’s Tag Heuer background points to it being presented as a rather expensive luxury device that we’ll all clamour over ourselves to buy. But will the iWatch really be worth it? We’ll have to wait and see but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: TechCrunch

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