GoGlove Enables You to Control Music with Your Fingertips

These smart gloves are very convenient to use when one wants to go through his playlist, but cannot, because of his hands being busy with something else. GoGlove puts an end to situations when you are stuck with some particular songs that cannot be changed.

Cousins Ben Harris and Eric Ely came with the idea of making GoGlove while skiing. They realized then that listening to music makes that particular sport a lot more enjoyable (as though it wasn’t already). Smartphone headphone cords with in-line controls are usually convenient enough in most other situations, but when doing such sports, you definitely cannot take your hands off the poles. GoGlove is a smart glove that includes a Bluetooth controller that’s connected to fingertip sensors. In other words, with GoGlove you get music control at your fingertips.

In an interview with VentureBeat, found Ben Harris explained why it was so important that GoGlove withstands the conditions met while skiing or snowboarding: “It’s been a big focus for us. We’re working with a design house to use wire that is essentially able to stretch to a degree. The wire is then sewn into the lining of the glove […] the ability of the wire to stretch impacts durability. [The design house] is making the module waterproof and fully encased and it will go through shock testing.”

GoGlove is currently featured on Kickstarter, where Harris and Ely are trying to raise $50K to get their device into production. Early birds will get their mittens on (or rather in) GoGloves by backing the project with $69, while the others will get their pair of gloves for $79, assuming that the campaign is successful and the project gets funded. The retail price is said to be $129, so in both mentioned cases, the gadget is a bargain.

Considering that the two cousins had no prior experience in designing, manufacturing or marketing (it makes you wander what they knew to do besides skiing, right?), what came out of their hands and might soon be on ours is actually quite impressive. There are plenty of other smart glove concepts out there, but GoGlove has a real chance of becoming a reality, provided that the crowdfunding campaign reaches its goal.

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