Facebook Partnering With Spofity & Others In New Endeavor?

We’ve been hearing plenty of rumors about Spotify all summer but new rumors surfacing about Facebook, Spotify and the online music industry in general is creating quite a bit of buzz.

While Facebook has certainly been on the cutting edge of some developing technology the last couple of years, the newest rumors could make Facebook the king of the internet music players.  Spotify, for its part has been trying for the better part of a year to find a way to come to the United States after having quite a bit of success all on its own in the Europe and other places abroad.  Finally it appears to be coming stateside before the summer is out, but there was still the question as to how successful it would be in comparison to iTunes.  If the new rumors are true then Facebook has found a way to make Spotify definitely competitive while making themselves competitive in a new market for the company.

When Facebook makes its appearance at the annual developer conference titled f8 they are expected to announce a deal with Spotify that would bring their streaming music to users’ individual Facebook pages.  According to the newest rumors, Facebook will be adding a tab right on the left hand side of the screen that is now reserved for viewing friends, photos, games, and deals.  Clicking on the tab will open the Facebook music player called “Music Dashboard.”  Using Facebook connect you will be able to play your Spotify Music on the Facebook page as you talk to your friends and play games.

Of course, this is where the rumors really start to heat up.  While Spotify is almost certainly one of the companies that Facebook is planning on partnering with, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg would also apparently like to have deals with other music streaming services such as Pandora (the free internet radio program) and Soundcloud.  Apparently there even those in the Facebook hierarchy who would love to eventually strike a deal with iTunes, though that might still be a pipe dream that will be quite a ways down the line from reality just yet.

Some of the top features of Facebooks Music Player are rumored to be Music notifications (you will be notified if a friend plays a song you recommended), top songs from friends, top albums from friends and  recent listens from friends.  All the features show that Facebook will revolutionize the social aspect of online music streaming.