Apple Patent Suggests Curved Screen for Next iPhone

As smartphone makers across the globe add curved screens to their phones, Apple looks set to buck the trend, filing a patent that could be used with iPhones.

iPhone Curved screen image

Trends in technology, like all trends, come and go, a rapidly flowing ocean tide in which upon the ‘shore’ in this metaphor are the consumers, standing on the beach with open (or incredibly wary) arms, ready to embrace or shun the newest popular feature depending on how worthy or gimmicky (respectively) we deem it. One trend that is currently ebbing up the sediment slowly but surely enough, is that of curved screens, with everything from curved screens that are incredibly difficult to break (even if you sit on them) to curved screens that just look a bit different, being available. Setting out to attempt to do curved screens better than all those before it, however, is Apple, filing a new patent that we could see in the next iteration of iPhone.

Apple’s patent is so different than its would be competitors in the curved screen space because unlike the others available on the market right now, Apple’s suggestion (a concept of which you can see above) puts a specific focus on how well the touchscreen works, something that is often ineffective due to touchscreen tech (the tech remains flat while the screen remains curved, resulting in dark spots). Too, Apple’s patent suggests that their curved screen could also offer a bubble like surface, perfect, say, for keypads or even touch-sensitive buttons that allow for things such as volume and brightness control. Not only this but the Cupertino, Calif. company’s idea could potentially work with accessories such as touch-enabled mice controllers, or other touch pads, not just the ones on phones.

While the rumour is lent much credibility due to the source (a link to which you can find below), Apple only have around a quarter of the mobile market and making a bold decision to step out into the market of curved screens puts them on course to take on companies like LG and Samsung who have already added curved screens to some of their (Android powered) devices. Then there’s the fact that Apple will be looking to innovate in the face of consumer fatigue, where people have decided that actually, enough is enough in terms of what the iPhone’s hardware can offer, with just free software updates being used instead of the option of new handset buy-ins that Apple make a good sum of money from. However, whether all of this becomes a reality for consumers or if it’s just Apple making good use of their research and development team has yet to be seen.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Apple Insider

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