22 Amazing Futuristic Laptop and Netbook Designs

The technology world is always exciting and unpredictable. It changes all the time. You never know what technology will be there in the next 5, 2, or even the next year. 30 years ago, nobody thought that everyone would need a personal computer. 20 years ago, our parents would never dream of a small, portable PC that we call laptop nowadays. Over time, thousands of models of laptops of all sizes have been introduced, but nobody knows what else is to come. The best we can do is to take a look into the future with 22 most amazing laptop and netbook concepts.

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Orkin Design has introduced a full touch screen laptop concept, called Rolltop, which can be rolled up like a newspaper when you need to carry it around and stretched into a super screen when you want to play a video game. As light as a mini notebook, Rolltop provides a 13″ screen when used as a laptop and 17″ screen when used as a monitor. It comes with a multi media integrated pen and even a holding belt.


Hua Hua’s D-roll, or Digital roll, laptop concept is a proof that roll up laptops are the future. It has super thin screen and keyboard that you can wrap around the axle lookalike part. The straps double as USB ports and the detachable webcam can either be used on the computer or worn on your wrist.

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Nokia’s Scroll OLED Laptop

Another member of the “scroll” family, Nokia’s scroll OLED laptop concept was conceived by Rodrigo Mercado with distinctive entertainment functions.  The laptop’s extremely colorful images, wide viewing angle, low power and high contrast ratio make it perfect for watching movies. It also integrates voice activation technology.

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Petill, developed by British designer Alice Davies, is a aesthetic laptop concept that rolls out fully to take the shape of a petal. To adds to its elegance, the laptop is charged wirelessly through an electromagnetic field technology without fiddling with cluttered cables. When charging is not required, the screen can be taken off the stand to become a tablet.

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Kyle Cherry’s Canvas is a such beautiful design that will put Macbook Air to shame. Aimed to increase the quality and productivity of the designer, it has a fancy thing touch screen that can swing around.

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Prime Three Screen Laptop

Prime, another stunning concept conceived by Kyle Cherry, is a collapsible gaming laptop that is meant to make any gamer go crazy. It’s basically a normal 13’ laptop armed with two smaller screens on the sides, amounting to a 26-inch laptop when unfolded. It uses a dual CPU and two graphic processor units.

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iWeb 2.0

Together with the diminishing size of laptop, the keyboard also gets smaller and smaller, to such an extend that it’s impossible to use without an accompanying wireless keyboard. Yang Yongchang’s iWeb 2.0 concept solves the problem. It comes with a full keyboard which can be folded into 3 to comfortably fit with the 6.5’ screen. iWeb 2.0 also supports multi-touch, gravity sensing technologies, together with other utopian features.

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Compenion Laptop

Compenion is a fancy OLED tablet concept designed by Felix Schmidberger for 2015 release. It features a slide-up touch-screen panel that reveals an OLED touch-screen keyboard capable of changing layout depending on preference or language. Its multi-touch screen is responsive to both finger-presses and a dedicated pen called “senstylus”.

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Dell’s Eco-Friendly Froot

It’s hard to say if Dell’s Froot concept is a PC or a laptop, or whatever. Designer Paulina Carlos has made a bold leap to introduce a computer without either a monitor or a keyboard. Using laser technology, the concept is able to project these missing parts on any flat surface. Made of starch-based polymer with a biodegradable skin, even the electronic components can be recycled.

Apple’s Brick

Apple is second to none in this futuristic laptop competition. Its hybrid laptop/tablet/ebook concept, dubbed as Brick, has high hopes to become the world’s first all-screen laptop. It comes without a physical keyboard and trackpad, and equipped with a virtual, adaptive UI that blends multitouch, gestures and its own orientation to switch between different modes: laptop, tablet, and ebook.

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Dual Screen Moonlight Laptop

This beautiful piece of art depicts the Moonlight dual screen laptop concept designed by Teo Braun. The laptop features dual curved screen: 16:9 and 4:3 display . The smaller one uses touch screen and can serve as either a mouse, or a secondary screen that runs on another Operating System (OS).

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Curved Laptop

Here comes the probably sexiest laptop concept by Arc Computer which comes with a curved body and a curved display. The reason for the curves is to install an ergonomic keyboard, and also an OLED display that is capable of showing 3D content.

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Virgin Media Laptop

As provoking as the name suggests, Virgin Media is a fancy concept that offers a teaching tool in a retro design. It features Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free moments. Typing can be achieved via a remote control as long as it remains within working distance.

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Solar Powered Laptop

The solar laptop concept from designer Nikola Knezevic cone with a solar panel attached to the top half of your laptop. It can be folded out to catch the maximum amount of the sun’s rays possible. Even though the laptop looks kind of weird,  it can help saving both the environment and your electricity bill.

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Recyclable Paper Laptop Concept

The “Go green” trend has been taken to a whole new level with the disposable paper laptop concept of designer Je Sung Park. His laptop will be made into different layers that are easier to separate and ensemble. The case will be made entirely of recyclable and replaceable paper materials, while the interior electronic bits and screen would still be made of plastics and metals.

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Gelfrog Laptop

This super cool looking laptop concept was developed by Frog Design with students in mind, aimed to make study easier. The gelfrog acts as a mobile mirror, a photo slideshow, and a video projector. The most amazing thing is a cloning algorithm that scans the user’s outfit and re-projects a matching and complementary pattern.

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Transparent Laptop

Even though this see-through laptop looks pretty cool when you want to show off with your girlfriend, I still have trouble understanding why I actually need it. The OLED-powered display has a resolution of just 960×540, and is about 38% transparent which can make it hard for you to read if the colors are not really vibrant. The concept was shown during CES 2010.

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OLPC XO-3 Tablet

OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) again makes the technology world look up in awe, not for its honorable purpose for the poor, but for its innovation. It has developed a new 9″ tablet concept called XO-3, equipped with dual-mode displays, one being the backlight used in traditional laptops and the other one will be E-ink display that is used to make the screen of Amazon’s kindle. The best part is that the tablet will be given at only $75. The prototype should be ready by this December and will be shown during CES 2011.


Roteburu is an innovative concept that hangs between a PC and a laptop. Besides the cool desk that features a touch-panel keyboard, it comes with a 22-inch LCD.

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Cario on the Go

Cario is a brilliant, yet dangerous netbook concept for users who have to travel a lot by cars. Once connected into the cars system, the notebook can be used as an easy access to personalize the vehicles environment and settings to the driver’s preferences.

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Float Away Laptop

This concept is so simple and so effective that you would question yourself why you didn’t think of it earlier. Young Hwan Kim’s Float Away concept has the back end elevate  by including a lift bar into its design, allowing heat to dissipate into the air while keeping your laptop cool despite running ahead at full speed.

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Laptop Concepts for Women

Even though technology geeks are usually depicted as guys, it’d be unfair to put women out of the picture. Nikita Buyanov re-defines the term “geeky” with a series of extremely sexy laptop concepts for women. It comes in different colors that every girl would love, and in the shape of things girls can’t live without.