Apple TV Getting Bluetooth Keyboard Support in iOS5

There have already been plenty of documented reasons why you should be excited about the pending release of Apple’s iOS5 and while there are a couple of reasons that have been highly publicized there are quite a few less well known features that will be welcome additions

Apple has already shown that they understand just how popular their Apple TV set top boxes can be, what with the rumors floating around that they will take this particular idea one step farther with actual televisions that do the same things as the set top boxes.  Other companies are taking notice of the popularity of these devices as well as RIM is getting set to launch their own version of these things, and most expect those to hit this fall as well.

Of course, if there is one thing that Apple knows how to do it is to always stay one step ahead of the competition and it appears that one particular improvement will be unlocked once iOS5 is launched early this fall.  While there is already some backdoor programming language that would allow the Apple TV device to use Blue Tooth syncing if it were jailbroken but when iOS5 does eventually land it will be out there in the open.  This ability to sync with Blue Tooth devices is apparently geared towards allowing Blue Tooth keyboards to be used on the Apple TV device, and turning this feature on will be as easy as going into the settings menu and flipping a switch.

Of course, while being able to use a wireless keyboard might be cool enough, considering that you won’t have to do searches on YouTube or Netflix by cycling through the onscreen keyboard but will be able to type them in just as you do in your laptop or desktop computer.  There is also at least some speculation that the Blue Tooth connectivity wouldn’t be limited to just keyboards and that there might be some ability to hook up to a Blue Tooth headset.  Does this mean you will be able to watch television through your Apple TV completly silently to everyone else.  Sort of like wireless headphones that generally run a couple of hundred dollars on their own?  We shall see.