Apple TV Gets Software Update With New UI Design & iOS8 Support

Apple’s set-top box gets a new software update, a subtle new look, and a bunch of new iOS 8 features, like Family Share and more.

Apple TV software update image 1

iOS 8 wasn’t the only major software push coming from Apple this week. Apple TV also received a stealth update on Wednesday, which among other changes, included a new interface that shares its icon and font trappings from the latest iOS.

For a while the media set-top box lazy kept with the glossy icons of past Apple operating systems, but thankfully things are looking a lot more presentable; app icons such as Music, Computers and TV all have new colors that match their iOS 8 counterparts.

Several new additions from iOS 8 and the upcoming Mac operating system, OS X Yosemite, will also make their way onto AppleTV with this update, such as support for Apple’s new ecosystem-wide initiative, Family Sharing, and iCould Photo.

Apple TV software update image 2

Family Sharing lets families (of up to six people) with iTunes accounts share content like apps, iBooks, music, movies, and more, across all of their devices using iCloud, provided that they at least share the same credit card.

Lastly, the new software update introduces Beats Music, an app that’s readily available on other iOS devices, yet finally makes it home here. The channel will allow Beats Music subscribers log on to their accounts and stream music from their Apple TVs.

To download the free software update, which is only limited to third-generation Apple TV boxes, users must go into the Settings channel, select General, and then select Software Update. From there the update should being its install process.

Source: Macrumors

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