Kindle Voyage Is the Most Advanced eBook Reader Yet

With each passing year Kindle eBook readers get better and better, and this year Amazon continued to deliver. The new generation is so amazing that many call it the most advanced advanced eBook reader yet.

If last year Amazon made only a few improvements over the two year old Kindle Paperwhite, this year, the Seattle-based e-tailer decided to redesign its line of eBook readers from scratch. The screen size is probably one of the few things that remained unchanged, but other than that, the <a href="” target=”_blank”>Kindle Voyage doesn’t have much in common with its predecessors. Among the most notable innovations there is a new Paperwhite display, a higher resolution, a new way of turning pages and adaptive front light.

Kindle Voyage features a 300 ppi micro-etched glass display that eliminates glare and mimics paper, not only when looked upon, but also while touched. At 7.6mm thick, it’s Amazon’s slimmest Kindle eBook reader yet, which means that it’s a lot more comfortable to hold in one’s hand. A light sensor has been included in order to adjust the brightness of the display to the user’s light conditions. This means that it no longer matters if you’re reading at night or in direct sunlight, as the Kindle Voyage is able to optimize its display for the best possible reading experience.

As mentioned before, an entirely new method of turning pages has been introduced, and it’s called PagePress. Users don’t even have to touch the display anymore in order to turn pages. Pressing on the bezel on the right side for the next page and on the left side for the previous page will enable people to use the Kindle Voyage single-handedly.

The new generation of Kindle eBook readers is available on Amazon. The Wi-Fi only version is $199 with special offers and $219 without, while the Wi-Fi + 3G is $269 with offers and $289 without. Many might argue that for that kind of money one could get an Android tablet with 2GB of RAM, a 2048 x 1536 display and GPS. While they might be right, I would have to remind them that eBook readers and tablets serve different purposes most of the time, and that the battery life of a tablet cannot even be compared to the six weeks provided by the Voyage reader.

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