Apple shows their Apple Watch and the new Macbooks

The latest Apple event at San Francisco introduced everything we had been waiting for. The new Macbooks, a new and cheaper Apple TV, and the controversial Apple Watch are all here.

Apple Macbook 1

Tim Cook and his team got on stage to show how to take calls from the Apple Watch and talk to Siri without having to touch anything: similar to what the Android Wear devices can do right now. The Apple Watch features running apps, song recognition, payment via Apple Pay, animated and customizable backgrounds… the Apple Watch hasn’t even come out and it’s already poised to be a hit. With only 18 hours of battery, users can charge it with a magnetized cable, but not via induction. It will come in three versions of two sizes each (male and female): Apple Sport, with plastic straps and aluminum body starting at $349 USD, the Apple Watch in iron, ranging from $549 to $1099 USD depending on size and design, and the expensive Apple Watch Edition, a premium 18 k gold watch (both straps and body) that will sell for $10.000 USD as a limited edition. It can be reserved or tested in Apple stores from the 10th of April onwards.

Apple Watch 1

Apple Watch 2

In less expensive news, Tim Cook spoke of Apple TV, which is going down in price to $69 USD, and will have access to HBO Now (which costs $15 a month), featuring all contents, namely the latest season of Game of Thrones.

Apple Conference

When it came to Macbooks, they’ve been improved to last 10 hours with a full battery charge. They use a new touchpad and i5 and i7 processors in the case of the MacBook Air. Yet the big news were the new Apple Macbooks, 24% slimmer than the previous Air models, and will weigh only 900 grams. They will feature one USB-C reversible connector, adaptable to any previous format which might be uncomfortable for those who use pendrives), along with a new touchpad that can feel the pressure of our fingers on the pad itself. It will use a 12′ retina display, and it’s not only ridiculously small but also strange: it doesn’t feature any moving parts (say, a fan), and is built entirely out of metal. The new Macbook comes in two varieties of Space Grey silver and… gold. The new Macbook features an Intel Core M, 8GB Ram and Intel HD graphics 5300 video. It will retail for $1399 USD in the 256GB version, and $1799 in its 515GB version.

Apple Macbook gold

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