Meet Sarvi Dock, A Fantastic Stand and Charger for iOS and Android Devices

There are many docks out there that can also charge your device while holding them in a comfortable to use position. Just when you think you have found the perfect one, you discover a major drawback, but thankfully, that’s not the case with the Sarvi Dock.

A product of Sarvi Designs, this dock overcomes one of the main problems of desk chargers: it works perfectly fine even if the iOS or Android device is in a case, no matter how thick that is. The case’s shape is also irrelevant, so it can be a metal or PC bumper, a silicone case, or even one of those leather book cases. Best of all, it even works when your phone is equipped with one of those extended battery packs. The only thing that matters is to have unrestricted access to the phone’s or tablet’s port.

Here’s what Sarvi Design had to say about their product:

“Sarvi Dock was the first dock designed with cases as the main focus. We found that today most people use protective cases of different sizes to safeguard their devices.Finding a dock to fit protective cases can be difficult if not impossible. This is why we created Sarvi Dock – a charge and sync dock that works with any smartphone or tablet, in portrait or landscape orientation virtually any case and cable (third party, factory or even flat cables).

Works With More Cables? – Sarvi Dock has a universal kit that works with factory cables, all MFI cables, virtually all third party cables and even flat cables. We also added more cable channels to fit different sized cables. Designed for devices that work with Lightning, Micro USB and 3.0 USB cables. Sarvi Docks do not come with any cables.”

It’s not only the functionality, but also the design that sets the Servi Dock apart from its counterparts. With a curved body that holds the mobile device at an angle and with channels that enable you to use round and flat cables with an equal ease, this stand

The company is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where it hopes to raise $30K in the following 45 days. Backers have already pledged 34% of that, so there’s a great chance of the Sarvi Docker becoming a reality. Pledge $25 (+shipping, depending on where you live) to get yours in March 2015.

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