Apple’s Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO

The man who made it cool to own a smartphone, Steve Jobs was hugely responsible for the tech revolution of 2000s. iPhone met its success among industry leaders, and celebrities as well as those who chose to use a sleek device under his captainship.

Steve Jobs made sure that Apple’s success remained tethered to quality and not quantity by making sure that each app passed strict guidelines and that they were approved before they were allowed to sell on iTunes. He announced that he has resigned as the chief executive of Apple, the company that he founded. He has named Tim Cook as his successor and admitted that he would no longer be able to continue leading the most important company in the world of technology, most probably due to ill health. He has however requested the board to name him as the chairman of the board and Cook as the successor.

It naturally implies that Steve Jobs would continue guiding Tim Cook in keeping with the standards that he created. Now his resignation comes at a time when the launch of iPhone 5, iOS 5 and iPad 3 are just a few weeks away. With the recent developments in the market, Apple’s sole competitor in the smartphone industry seems to be Google, especially after it acquired Motorola. Without Steve Jobs, Apple would of course continue to maintain the stringent restrictions on developers.

Nevertheless, most iPhone users and the Apple Community are worried that the man’s influence over the company has been so strong that lack of his leadership could cause Apple to begin competing with other companies and ultimately hurt itself. At this point, Apple needs to hold on to its core beliefs of minimalism, easy user interface, and high quality control measures. Indeed, Apple’s products are known more for their non-clutter than the technology they possess. It is perhaps this minimalism that Steve Jobs left as a legacy for not just Apple to follow and continue, but also other companies to be inspired by and learn.

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