Protect Your Geeky Head with an R2-D2 Helmet

R2-D2 saved his companions multiple times throughout their adventures, and now the loyal astromech droid could save yours by serving as a bike helmet.

The diminutive robot seems to be more popular than his comrade C-3PO, presumably because C-3PO mostly flails around and complains while R2-D2 is the tech geek and all-around multi-tool. Star Wars geek (and obvious R2 fan) Jenn Hall is a pastry artist and freelance illustrator, but it seems her artistic skills extend beyond those two realms.

The finished product, as you can see, is a bicycle helmet painted to sport the signature markings that make up R2-D2’s design. Some additional bits were added as well, including a real working light which not only serves to make the helmet come to life, but also as a safety device to alert motorists.

R2-D2 Scooter Helmet

I’m not sure how the additions alter the “crash safety” of the helmet, but the helmet itself is an actual stock bicycle helmet, which is probably the best place to start; making your own bike helmet from scratch is, more often than not, a bad idea. Like many artists we feature on the site, Ms. Hall was also kind enough to do an extra post on her blog showing the step-by-step process of crafting the robotic helmet so other crafty types can try their hand at the project. By and large, it’s little more than primer, painter’s tape, and shiny blue paint, but getting all the details right is the real difficulty. Adding the extra bits of flair is just icing on the cake.

After seeing this, it’s hard to imagine that any Star Wars geek would want to ride their bicycle, scooter, or skateboard without a helmet like this. The blue and gray color scheme is slick without being gaudy, and since at its core it’s just a standard bike helmet, it’s practical as well. We’ve covered plenty of other helmets, practical and impractical, so take a peek at a Homemade Daft Punk Helmet or an Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet with flashing lights.