15 Mindblowing Star Wars Gadgets

We have a couple words for you. Star Wars, and gadgets. This collection should make your everyday life a bit geekier, and closer to the force. Enjoy!

For those who love Star Wars, a lot of their lives revolves around the beloved franchise, and who could blame them? Its many movies, books, comics, and games have been a part of our lives for so long that they now fill a space in pop culture that will forever remain theirs. And that’s not even counting the new movies coming out soon (oh god, we can’t wait) that will expose a new generation, a new hope of future geeks.

With things as they stand, it’s no surprise that Star Wars has such a huge marketing appeal, and that gadget creators from all around would want to take advantage of the charm, goofiness, and geek appeal on their trinkets, gadgets and gear, but with so many available, we can only think of a couple that we’d really call “must-haves”. This is our selection of the best of the Force, and we really hope that you’ll enjoy them.