Working Arcade Button Light Switch

Arcade games may be dying off, but they still hold plenty of nostalgia for many gamers who’d hate to see this classic form of gaming disappear. This light switch is one way to keep the memory going. Whether you remember playing older games like Donkey Kong or newer fighters like Tekken 5, there’s something charming about the bright, round buttons that, in many cases, have remained unchanged for decades. Console controller buttons have undergone plenty of evolution throughout the years, but many arcade games embrace simplicity, giving users no more than a joystick and round plastic buttons to control their experience.

Arcade Button Light Switch

Arcade Button Light Switch 2

This light switch would be perfect for any game room, featuring two different buttons (on and off, rather than punch and kick). The designer, AlephDesign, also takes orders on different colors, letting you customize the appearance you’d most prefer. Whether your tastes run toward the red and blue buttons of the original Mortal Kombat or the blue and yellow of The Simpsons arcade game, you can truly make the design your own.

The plate also comes in your choice of white, black, and cream to match whatever game you’re envisioning or to simply match the decor of the room. For $30, this design can be yours to enjoy in your game room, kids room, or even your living room. Of course, no game room would be complete without a stand-up arcade emulator, so check out our articles on the Pinball Machine Emulator Cabinet and, if your game room is already crowded, this Mini MAME Arcade Cabinet.