Amazing Custom Virtual Pinball Machine

As video arcades die off, so too does the medium of pinball machines. This brilliant set-up, however, allows you to enjoy your favorite classic pinball games all consolidated into one digital table. Built from 2 LCD screens, this captures the look of a pinball table even if it does scale it down into a 2-dimensional game.

Instructables user tbarclay wanted his own pinball machine, and realized he could do it himself, and even make it more space-saving. By using a 24″ LCD screen for the playing area and a 19″ monitor for the back screen, he really captured the look of a standard pinball machine. He does, however, point out that something like a 37″ LCD television would technically be better if you wanted it to be more true to size. Pinball machines are pretty massive, not to mention a pain to repair if something (rather, when something) goes wrong, making them rather difficult things to collect. Even a standing arcade cabinet takes up less floor space, and they aren’t exactly small either.

The really brilliant thing about this creation is not only that it shrinks a pinball machine down to a fraction of its size, but that the emulation software allows it to play multiple classic pinball games all in one, consolidated set-up. You’ve probably seen similar ideas before for arcade games with MAME cabinets such as this Miniature Netbook Arcade Cabinet. By using Visual Pinball software with the Hyperpin front-end, tbarclay makes it possible for one to cycle through a list of different games such as Funhouse or The Addams Family. And with awesome additions like buttons wired to the sides of the cabinet, the feel of an actual pinball machine is maintained. If that weren’t enough, he also plans on adding mercury switches so that the machine can have a tilt function. Below is a video of a similar table in action.

Pinball Machine LCD Arcade Cabinet

Virtual Pinball Machine Setup

Pintendo Pinball Machine

He says that the overall cost of creating this was about $450, although you would also need a computer to run the software. If you plan on upgrading your computer soon, though, this could be a perfect way to put your old PC to good use. We’ve covered other awesome pinball creations too, so check out this Amazing Iron Man Pinball Machine and this LEGO Pinball Machine.

Via: Hack A Day