Arctic Spyder III Laser Pops Kernels, Defeats George Lucas

Wicked Lasers may have a new novelty purpose for its Arctic Spyder III (acclaimed to be the most powerful handheld-laser) that doesn’t result in felonies or federal offenses.

Rather than the obvious mischievous practices of melting credit cards, voyeuristic neighbor freak-outs and shooting dexterity, you can actually pop popcorn kernels with this blue-beamed, Aircraft Grade, Class IV portable laser (500 Milliwatts minimum/1 Watt maximum).

Arctic Spyder III Laser

In WorldScott’s YouTube video, a leather-jacketed narrator aims one vice-gripped Arctic Spyder III at a single kernel upon a spinning plate while pointing another at it, and, well, see the blinding video below:

If you aren’t impressed, we recommend you check out some of WorldScott’s other videos, including one where a balloon is set on fire from the inside using the Arctic Spyder III (It’s pretty awesome). Nevertheless, apparently the amount of energy required to pop one kernel of popcorn could equal somewhere around 10 joules of energy. According to Wiki, that would be the equivalent of the kinetic energy of ten tennis balls moving at 14 mph. Not bad, for two hand-held laser pointers.

Still, this is one very dangerous device being used for an even more dangerous activity. Powerful lasers such as the Arctic Spyder III have been known to project to amazing distances, capable of targeting airplanes at 30,000 feet and blinding people up to 2.5 miles away. This is a very dangerous tool and should only be used by responsible adults in controlled settings. This is why safety glasses should ALWAYS be worn when using them, an they are NEVER to be aimed at people or animals (too powerful for a hunting sight).

Thankfully, Wicked Laser’s Arctic Spyder III does, at the very least, have a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized use, although their hilarious/disconcerting Lucas “Light Saber” Trademark battle-inspired advertisement for the Arctic definitely makes us forget.

Please don’t buy this $299.95 laser for your children nor play around with it like a light saber. You’ll likely burn a friend or your corneas.

Via: Wicked Lasers