Marvel Comics Plush Dolls

“Hey bub, come give Wolverine a hug!”

Coming Soon are six Marvel characters for sale in the ever-so-popular plush figure format. Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, Spiderman and the Hulk have all been converted from their badass selves to these less intimidating figures.

Captain America

Captain America Plush is $12.99.

The pictures of these characters are included with an official-looking Marvel Comics tag, so I’m assuming that these are official. Definitely a plus and almost an assurance of quality.


Iron Man Plush Doll is $12.99.

From what I can see, these figures have a pretty similar base template. They are all seven inches tall, and have two identical beads for eyes, only varying in color (Wolverine and Spiderman have white beads for eyes, whereas the other characters all have black beads). All are somewhat lacking a mouth, except for Ironman who has a black line and the Hulk, who has a very characteristic grimace. I’m not sure how I feel about this, as I respect the minimalism but also feel as though a bit more detail could have been added as some of the facial expressions on the characters seem a bit blank. The Hulk does have quite a wild head of hair, which suits the character very well.


Spiderman Plush Doll is $12.99.

That’s not to say they’re not detailed. Thor has his signature hammer, Wolverine has his two pairs of claws, Captain America has his shield and the Hulk still has his purple torn pants. Also, the material of the plushies varies from more opaque colors, such as Spiderman’s costume, to Ironman’s more reflective armor. These little touches are pretty cool, as they emulate the material of the actual character very well.


Thor Plush Doll is $12.99.

One bonus: Entertainment Earth has some of the funniest descriptions I’ve ever seen. With lines like “Tony Stark’s softer side!” I find that it’s almost like a fan is selling it to us. Love the enthusiasm. The first sentence of this post was one of the descriptions for the Wolverine doll. 😛


Wolverine Plush Doll is $12.99.

These characters all have the Avengers in common, with all at least being part of the Avengers in one time period or another. I believe that they are all going to be part of the Avengers film that is set to open in 2012.


Hulk Plush Doll is $12.99.

Entertainment Earth will be selling these plushies starting May 2011, so jot it down on your calendars now! Don’t forget to check out The Wizard of Oz plushies and Lord of the Rings plush toys.