Arrest Filmed on Google Glass, Creating Doubts on Privacy

After a Google Glass explorer films an arrest taking place on the Jersey Boardwalk, many are left asking questions about the privacy aspects of Google’s tech.

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The Jersey air is cold and cool on this July 4th night, as American citizens flit about the New Jersey Boardwalk rife with excitement and jubilation as they celebrate their country’s independence. Some people let the celebrations go to their head. A fight breaks out and a curious crowd gather around the commotion to satiate their level of interest. One of these people is Chris Barrett. But Barrett is no ordinary man, he’s a Google Glass Explorer. At the scene, Barrett’s Glass hardware lights up, he records the arrest as the troublemakers are taken in for misbehaving and in the process he highlights some world worrying concerns over everyone’s privacy.

Barrett, the Google Glass explorer who captured the video, thought to be the first recording of an arrest with the device, had this to say about the ordeal, “”I walked right up, saw a crowd forming, and people were saying a fight was going on. With Glass I went closer to the action than I probably should have and saw a couple fights going on. I think I got the first arrest with Google Glass. Kinda cool!”

We already know that Google Glass isn’t really made for recording videos, according to Google themselves, but what’s most concerning about this situation is the ease in which Barrett was able to record the footage, as well as the fact that no one noticed, despite Google saying that Google Glass lights up when in use. Barrett says that only a few people on that packed Jersey boardwalk asked him about the glasses, suggesting that those unaware of Google Glass’ ‘lights on means in-use’ policy could have no idea that their privacy rights are being infringed upon.

Despite the concerns this raises, Barrett did make a good point saying that “This is a huge step in citizen journalism. If Google Glass takes off, everyone’s going to have their entire life captured … first words, first steps … but also people getting shot, and natural disasters.” First responders and reporters alike would be able to use this to find out vital information required for them to do their jobs.

We’ll keep you updated on any official statements from Google on Google Glass’ privacy, but for now, you can watch the Google Glass recorded video of the arrest below.

Source: cnet

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