Zelda Laser Cut Sword Attributes ‘Best Gamer’ to Sibling

Let’s face the chiptune music, here. We all think that we’re great gamers. But rare is it that we’re actually honoured for our l33t skills.

For Reddit user KakieMix that’s exactly what happened. Built by their fifteen year old brother as a gift, KakieMix can now confidently attest to their claims of being the best. And should anyone contest their claim to being the best, they need not look far. They simply need to unsheathe this hand-made sword, hold it high over their head Conan style, and invoke the gods of video games.


The sword and box is a clever combination of acrylic and wood. On the top, the sword can be inserted and lit from underneath by what appear to be battery powered LED lights.


Functionality aside, the design of the sword itself is impressive. Using CAD and a laser cutter, the final result is elegant and simple. Clearly based on the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda, it seems an appropriate focal point for a gift titled: Best Gamer.


I can’t help but feel that the empty space on the surface of the box has been reserved for OP’s favourite action figures. Truly one of a kind, KakieMix is blessed by an irreplaceable addition to their fandom. As well as a pleasant memento from their sibling.


I’m so jelly.

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