ASRock Joins Forces with BMW to Create a Custom Gaming PC Case

M8, the exquisite custom PC case that ASRock created in cooperation with DesignWorksUSA, BMW’s design consultancy company, will be showcased these days at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan.

The name of this project is simple, and so is the design. Don’t get me wrong, it is as simple as the design of a Formula One car. People from DesignWorksUSA claim that the M8 custom PC case is supposed to resemble a high-performance engine. Even more, they say that this PC tower case was designed with gamers in mind, so I have no doubt that it has plenty of room for the latest graphics cards and whatnot.

Besides the fact that M8 is spelled “mate”, insinuating that this gaming PC tower is meant for LAN parties, it also brings to mind the M3 and M5 high-performance vehicles made by the Motorsport division of BMW.

In March 2013, ASRock unveiled at CeBIT its first small form factor PC, which had also been built in cooperation with DesignWorksUSA. That stands to show that M8 doesn’t mark the first time these two companies join forces. The SFF PC and M8 have a lot in common, as far as their design goes, but the latter is meant to be more imposing and more futuristic.

M8 can be easily carried by using the handles found on each of its corners. This might prove practical if it’s held by two handles found in adjacent positions. Otherwise, a handle as the one of CM Storm’s Scout would be a lot better.

It is equally attractive when positioned horizontally or vertically, especially since it does not have an optical drive. High-capacity USB flash drives and digital downloads rendered optical drives useless, anyway, so the gamers couldn’t care less about that lack.

In the front, M8 features a knob that plays the role of a multi-functional control button. The OLED display provides information about the current date, time and system temperatures. For gamers, knowing how hot their hardware runs is extremely important, so the addition of this feature will surely be appreciated. Changing the volume and the speed of the cooling fan is done by turning the knob.

The design is not the only good thing about this gaming PC tower. It also comes with some impressive hardware, such as a 802.11ac Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth 4.0, and a Creative SoundCore 3D quad-core processor for the best audio experience while gaming.

For the moment, M8 is more of an exercise in design, as neither ASRock, nor DesignWorksUSA have released any details regarding the price and the release date.

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